Accumulate Testnet 7.0 Ponte Vecchio – Mainnet Release Candidate 1

Written by Ben Stolman

On July 22, 2022

Accumulate developers are announcing Testnet 7 Ponte Vecchio – Mainnet Release Candidate 1. Named after the Ponte Vecchio bridge located in Florence, Italy, Accumulate’s Testnet 7.0 includes a variety of updates. Some of the highlights include changes such as a locking mechanism for Lite Token Accounts, portability for Factom’s data, and an upgrade to the ADIs to use the suffix .acme.  

Additionally, from this point onwards (until further notice), there will be two Testnets to make sure that third-party applications can remain stable. In addition, the DevNet will remain. The mobile application is compatible with the Stable version of the Testnet.  

  1. Testnet Stable is Testnet 4.0  
  1. Testnet Beta is Testnet 7.0  
  1. DevNet is DevNet  

The mobile application will point to the Testnet Stable (4.0) endpoint, which will be compatible with the Testnet Stable Branch (Develop Branch – Tag v0.6.0 of the Devnet) in the CLI and Testnet Stable option in the Explorer ( To use new features in Accumulate, connect to the Testnet Beta (7.0) Branch (Develop Branch – Tag v1.0.0-rc1) in the CLI and use the Testnet Beta option in the Explorer ( To interact with the Devnet use the Develop branch in the CLI and the Devnet option in the explorer (  

To switch from one branch to another in the CLI type git branch and the branch you would like to connect to. Make sure to do a git pull and go build to get the latest updates in the CLI.  

Protocol Highlights 

  • Lock Lite Token Accounts – The ability to lock Lite Token Accounts is necessary for the initial ACME Token distribution 
  • Create Snapshot of Factom Entries – Accumulate needs to be able to port over Factom’s data. This can be done through a snapshot. 
  • Add Entry Blocks to the Flat Files of the Factom Entry Extraction – This process allows Accumulate to Export Entry Data from Factom to Flat Files, which will then be added to the Accumulate Blockchain 
  • Replace Scratch Accounts with Scratch Chains – Before ADI Data Accounts and ADI Scratch accounts were two separate Account Types. Now, there is only a Data Account that can write to a Data Chain or a Scratch Data Chain 
  • `.acme` is a valid ADI name – All ADIs must to end with .ACME 
  • Multiple output issue tokens – When Issuing Tokens multiple outputs can be specified 

Accumulate 0.8, 0.9, and Release Candidate1 (RC1) Release Notes – 07/19/22, 2022 

🚀  New  

  • Add network file deployment test 
  • `.acme` is a valid ADI name 
  • A synthetic transaction will never be delivered if it arrives after its anchor 
  • Add Entry Blocks to the flat files of the Factom Entry Extraction 
  • Add guards for –reset 
  • Add security for proxy / validator config 
  • Allow new Factom data entries 
  • Block self-delegation 
  • CLI import key makes bad assumption about key type 
  • CLI tx execute: accept YAML 
  • Configurable routing 
  • Convert batch to data model entity 
  • Convert transaction to data model entity 
  • Create data model based database infrastructure 
  • Create Snapshot of Factom Entries 
  • Dataset logger for creating tabular data 
  • Debug TestMissingSynthTxn 
  • Deprecate use of persistent peers 
  • Enforce anchor sequence and delivery 
  • Gen-types –include is broken 
  • Halt Factom at a Particular Block Height 
  • Include a version in the snapshot header 
  • Include the list of accounts within an ADI as part of the ADI’s state 
  • Leverage checktx priority for SyntheticTransactions 
  • Lock lite token accounts 
  • Major Block API Task 
  • Make transaction blacklist marshal as a list 
  • Make validator key books subordinate to dn/operators 
  • Minor block API excludes anchors 
  • Move account indices to data model 
  • Multiple output issue tokens 
  • Not able to generate lite Identity/lite token account with already created “key”/”public key” 
  • Partially Refund ACME Balance for Failed Add Credit Transaction (Deduct 1 Credits worth of ACME) 
  • Preserve state during CheckTx 
  • Prevent refund cycle 
  • Reduce the signature fee to match the scratch write data fee 
  • Refactor accumulated config directory structure 
  • Refactor transaction status 
  • Remove grpc support  
  • Remove IDE-specific files 
  • Remove Private Key import from command line input in CLI 
  • Remove the validator key book 
  • Replace scratch accounts with scratch chains 
  • TestAdd/RemoveKey tests broken 
  • Update indices and SMT to use the struct cache 
  • Update the Devnet to run in dual-mode (pairing BVN node and DN node) 
  • Update type generator 
  • UpdateKey can create duplicates 
  • Use a fixed set of chains 
  • Use a full snapshot as the genesis document 
  • Use data model for database cache 
  • Use full chainId/accountId as the lite data url 
  • Validate major block API in CI and make major block timing configurable 
  • Validate synthetic and anchor signers against dn/network 
  • Wallet Backup Import and Export Design 
  • When Creating a Duplicate Authority the Transaction Should Fail 
  • Write Load Code Utility 

🔧  Fixes  

  • Able to Set Threshold to 0 
  • Fix add credits 
  • Handle IssueTokens failure 
  • Issuing Custom Tokens to an ACME Token Account Changes ACME Account Balance 
  • Not able to generate lite Identity/lite token account with already created “key”/”public key” 
  • Panic in SubnetSyntheticLedger.Add 
  • Sending a synthetic transaction to the DN crashes it 
  • TestCLI is failing in CI (June 13) 
  • Updating a Key Book URL and Public Key Hash with a different Delegate (Key Book URL) (signing with the Public Key Hash)(Entry: Public Key Hash, Delegate) Fails 
  • Updating a Public Key Hash Entry to Include the Same Public Key and a New Key Book URL Produces a “Cannot have duplicate entries on key page” Error 


  • Cleanup CLI help 
  • Fix static analysis issues 
  • Many CLI subcommands appear to accept more parameters than they really do 
  • Remove key page index and height parameters from CLI commands 
  • Rename subnet to partition 

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